Google Info graphic of users local search behaviour

LOCAL SEO – The top things you can do to get found online in your local area.


  1. Local SEO – DId you know that 50% of people who search for a local business in search visit that business on the same day? Or that 4 in 5 people use search to locate a business? I would say that’s pretty impressive and all the more reason to allocate a portion of you marketing budget to good quality local SEO.
  2. Speed up your website loading time with a heavy focus on your mobile site design and mobile loading time. If possible look for under 1 second loading time, or as close to that as possible. You can achieve this by optimizing images, using good cache plugins, a good CDN like cloudfare, using great hosting, and making sure your site is secured with HTTPS.
  3. Build that email list, Unlike social media an email is probably going to be seen, so make sure it get’s opened with a great subject or offer, and don’t just spam people. If you start a regular newsletter, keep the content relative and ensure its something your customer is interested in, this is crucial, because over time your customer may start to ignore your email or newsletter due to poor content.
  4. Social Media is important and search engines like google, take strong signals from your social media presence. Although I highly recommend being careful about your content, don’t post too often, and make sure the content you choose to post is likable whilst driving traffic to your business.
  5. Build relationships and cross promote with other local business, there are many reasons this is something you can do to better your local SEO, for starters google looks at links TO your website, and if other business have content that points to your website, that’s a great start. Of course its not as simple as just having a link on someone else’s website, Google and other search engines also use analytics to analyze the time spent and what that person does before and after. We are now talking about algorithms which is how Search engines work, probably a little over the heads of most people. But its entirely possible for an expert to create quality links at the same time as building these relationships.
  6. Paid Advertising – Google Adwords, Youtube Ads, Facebook Ads and many more. Sometimes paid advertising can be very useful, its not the only way to drive more locsl traffic to your website, but it can really have an impact. I would recommend making sure the first 5 points are complete before you start driving too much traffic to your page. The reason I say this is because again a search engine looks at your analytics and bounce rate (that;s if someone visits your page and leaves again very quickly). This is also the reason you must ensure your site is ready for traffic, and polished in as many ways as possible.
  7. Reviews – another way to get found is to have good reviews, if a business finds you and knows little or none about you, then they will first look through your reviews to research what others have said about your service or product. It’s actually quite simple, the more good reviews you have the better, be mindful to take the time to respond to your reviews if possible, especially the negative reviews or reviews with a low rating, people who are looking to use your business will also pay attention to your negative reviews, and the way you handled them. I know from personal experience that people will give you a second chance if you deserve it. An ideal rating for a small business would be above 4 out of 5 stars, and at least 20 reviews this usually means the business has been around a while and is consistently good to very good.
  8. Easy to find contact details – make sure the phone number and address are easily found, ideally your google listing will have this information available, you should setup your google my business to be 100% sure people can contact you without even visiting your website. This is probably step 2 for any business that wants to be found online, you can think of it as the new white pages. Its very important.