The George Hotel & Cafe

A premium custom designed website with over 25 pages, and well over 100 posts, it has many extra features such as a scheduled Facebook events import, saving the hotel expensive double entry costs,  a hotel management integration with the ability to book accommodation directly with the hotel, without the risk of double bookings.

Of course it also features a Mailchimp memberships integration. Automated backup directly to google drive along with automated image optimization to ensure the marketing department, doesn’t slow down the loading speed of the website with over sized images.

Heritage on Lydiard

A boutique award winning Hotel with a great looking website to boot, this one’s an example of simple design, we were able to create this quite quickly, with only a simple hotel booking management integration required. Allowing this hotel to take reservations directly through the website, without the risk of double bookings

We did try something a little unique here and integrated a google maps directions link directly into the site so that the hotels guest could navigate to the car park which required access from another street. These operators were quite impressed, as we were able to program their free wifi network to automatically load this webpage upon sign in, taking the same guests straight to the car park directions. Really solved a unique problem this hotel had constant issues with guest complaints.

IT4PUBS Technology Company

This business has been providing expert IT technician support for over 15 years. Specializing in CCTV, Computer repairs and upgrades along with Point of Sale (POS) systems support & solutions to hotels, motels and everything in between

We were able to build a great looking website, that suits them perfectly. This website enables them to show a professional side to a small business niche, which can be easily found online. Keywords


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